Friday, January 13, 2012

Oven Roasted Tomatoes--devastated!

So it all started out like this. I popped these babies in the oven, went to pick up our little guy from the bus stop, came off the elevator to something smelling so delectably amazing that I almost sat there in the hallway pretending to tie my shoes...then walked into our place and realized it was us!! Oh what a feeling!! I followed the instructions to a tee, then decided to increase the temperature to 350 (from 325)...I checked the oven after 1.5 hours to check the progress of these beauties, and then I saw this...

My heart sank. Seriously. These oven roasted tomatoes over at ourbestbites were all I could think of anymore, and just like that, they vanished, poof.

Since the oven is dark and these tomatoes were now BLACK, they literally looked like they disappeared, ran-off on me and left me without any notice at all. According to the recipe, they still had almost an hour to go, where did I go wrong?!

So my tip of the day: don't increase the temperature on these sensitive little suckers. And watch them like a hawk!

Blake got home, and walked in with the biggest smile on his face and said ,"YES! Nothing like coming off the elevator and realizing that the amazing smell is coming from your place." Well don't get too excited there buddy. I showed him my disaster, and I'm pretty sure his heart sank deeper than mine did.

At least our home smelled amazing.

They should make a candle with this scent.

I'm pretty sure my entire floor was jealous of what they thought we were eating.

I will make these again, and I will report back. Go to the link and try them out and let me know how yours turned out :)



  1. That was hillarious...j'ai tellement ri, j'en avais les larmes aux yeux...tu décris vraiment les sentiments. Tu devrais peut-etre penser à écrire un livre....J'T'AIME ma chouette!

  2. oh my goodness I laughed so hard but only because I increase the temperature on everything in the hope it will cook faster! I can SO relate!!!