Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs

The worst is when you try and peel your hard boiled eggs and your chipping away at it for an hour--then you're missing half the egg, and the middle is too cooked, or runny.


This method has saved my life...and it's as simple as: using a timer. I know, genius.


  • Place your eggs in a pot
  • Cover with water
  • Turn the stove on to HIGH
  • As soon as it boils, turn the stove OFF and set the timer to 13 minutes
  • Cover the pot, and let it sit (yes still on the hot but turned-off burner)
  • When the 13 minutes is up, dump out the hot water and cool the eggs down in cold water
  • You get perfect eggs, every time...and easy to peel!
Then you can make this egg salad for lunch!
You're very welcome!


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